Real Bubee Double Electric Breast Pump Feeding Auto


$21.99Real Bubee Double Electric Breast Pump Feeding Auto Massage Strong Suction BPA FreeColor


Colour: White

Material: PP Silicone

Feeding Bottle Capacity: 150ML


Mom’s best option, sucked without problems, safe, comfortable and healthy.
PP material raw materials, do not contain harmful substances.
High temperature resistant, easy to clean, safer.
Multiple power supply mode, support computer, charging treasure, adapter power supply.
Low power, little vibration, low noise, smooth operation
Small and lightweight, easy to store and carry when going out.
Breast pump with two models of breast massager
No battery. Quieter than battery-powered breast pumps.

Material: Food grade PP and food grade silicone
Suction instruction: 10 ~ 45 KPA
Milk storage capacity: 150ml
Charging mode: USB
Power supply: 5V 1A
White color
Lactation promotion rate: 100T / min.
Pumping speed: 20-60 t / min
Lactation force: -0.002 — 0.016MPa (vacuum degree, 9 levels to adjust)
Pumping force: -0.013 — 0.036MPa (vacuum degree, 9 levels to adjust)

Health Tips:
Breast message before using the breast pump.
Adjust the press you feel good.
The breast pump is fine in the dishwasher.

How to use:
Press the ON / OFF key (automatic power on in massager mode with red light)
Press the mode key to chat (massager is red light / breast pump is blue light)
Massage mode red light (total 9 gears)
Breast pump mode blue light (total 9 gears)
Each time you press the +/- key, the indicator light will flash. The continuous flashing of the indicator light indicates that it is the maximum gear or the minimum gear.

Package includes:
2 x breast pump
1 * nipple with cap
1 x USB cable
1 x host
1 x tube