Bed Wetting Alarm For Deep Sleeper And Childrens Enuresis


$18Bed Wetting Alarm For Deep Sleeper And Childrens Enuresis The Perfect Solution With For Clean Pyjamas And sheetColor


dry days enuresis alarm

This product has both sound and vibration features.
 It can be carried on clothes and consists of two parts.
 The alarm device is attached to the shoulder of the pajama and the intermediate cable is inserted through the pajamas and the sensor is placed inside the sleeve that is sewn to the panties.
 The alarm that comes into play with the first release of urine starts working and wakes the patient.
 Dry days enuresis alarm is designed with the opinion of the physician for the prompt warning of the person and for the safe use of the enuretic patient of all ages.
 Dry days enuresis alarm activates when a few drops of urine are missed, allowing the person who is stimulated by sound or sound + vibration to wake up and check his bladder.

 With the arrival of urine, wetting, alarm sounding and repeating the waking period, the brain is conditioned to learn to wake up without getting wet or get up in the morning.
 This method has no known side effects, it is a natural treatment and provides a permanent solution.
 It also improves the child’s social awareness and behavior.
 High success rates between 100% also in clinical studies.
 Low relapse rates of 7% have been shown to have no side effects.
 ALARM METHOD based on Behavioral treatment, which is a natural and permanent solution, is the most effective treatment in the treatment of enuresis.
 It is a treatment and provides a permanent solution and improves its natural habits.