Privacy Policy

At we are very concern about your privacy and personal information. How you use your information we take it seriously.

We feel that your personal information is important. I am going to explain that how do we collect your information while you are using our site and what type of information do we collect. We never sell any of your personal information to the third party.

How We Collect Your Information

Basically, we collect your information in both ways when you provide your details then we collect your information and some information those are collected automatically.

We may record your data that you willingly provide to us while you are using our services. You share your personal identification data such as name, phone number, address, email address and date of birth. We may collect your information when you post on blogs, discussion forums or any social networking sites and areas accessing our services.

It may be collected when you post any video or image content or comments.

When you provide your personal information electronically or register online with personal details to get more services and to access certain features from our site, participate in any surveys or draw then we may record your personally identifiable information. We can collect the information that you provide with an advertisement.

If you are making a purchase or a payment through our service then maybe you be asked for your financial information such as your card number, billing address, transaction details and your contact details.

We also collect and record information that is generated automatically while you are taking our services.

While you are using your browser can store data using cookies. We can get your personal details information if you download an app. If you download an app using your device from a particular advertisement then your information can be recorded automatically. You are connected with an Internet server. Your browser and your operating system can collect some of your data automatically.

You are connected with an Internet server. Your browser and your operating system can collect some data about you automatically. We may know which page or which part of our site do you visit and how often. We also can know that which features of our site keeping your involvement and how frequently.

Besides, certain devices and browsers can include unique identifiers that can be used to identify other information about your device. So if you use such a device or browser to get our services then your device or browser can collect your personal identifying data automatically and may transmit your device’s identifier, IP address, browser information, MAC address, location from where are you using the device, your public profile details from social media networks and similar information. We will ask you to allow your location information but if you don’t want to share then you can deny the request.

Log Files

The kidheed uses log files like most other websites. Log files include the information of your devices such as your IP addresses, browser types, and Internet service provider details and which specific part of the website you are browsing more and what time and the number of clicks but these are not linked with your personally identifiable information.

Cookies and Web Beacons

The uses cookies to collect your device information. What are the cookies? Cookies are the small files that are stored on your computer’s hard drive. These are designed to hold specific ordinary data to a particular website or client computer and maybe it will be accessible by the client server.

The uses cookies to keep some of your specific information from the page or website through your browser. Cookies can keep your IP addresses, your browser details, when and how long you are using the site. Which parts of the site or which page do you mostly visit? These are recorded to provide you a better service. If you don’t want cookies to record your data then you can manage it by stopping from your browser settings. In this case, you won’t be able to use the complete website or you may lose some functionalities of the website.

Amazon Affiliates Program

The is an Amazon affiliate program, which is designed to deliver a process to make advertising bills by linking with

We can ensure that we won’t use any of your personal information with third parties. The affiliate marketing sites can use your data to provide you better service while you are purchasing any products. The associate’s sites can use your personal data such as your name, contact details, your billing address and your residence address, email ID to deliver your products. You may need to share your bank details to make a purchase but we keep all your personal details and bank transaction details confidential.

What We Do with Your Information

We can ensure that never sell or disclose your personal information to the third party unless there is any govt. offense or law issues.

We may use your information that we record while you are visiting our site and taking services from us. We record your information to activate the registration process. We also use to send regularly updated mail to this site. I there is any major changes then inform our users by sending an email. We also send email for promotional offers or marketing purpose to provide you better services. We may use your data to improve our site features and services.

We may use your location information to provide you location based services, contents, offers and advertising.

Google Analytics

The uses Google analytics to help investigate how the users are using this site. The tool uses cookies as a small file to your computer to collect information in an anonymous form. This information provided by cookies about your use of the website along with the IP address which is transmitted by Google. This information used to record the statistical data on the basis of website activity. If you don’t want any anonymous browser to collect your data from Google analytics while visiting our website then you can manage it from the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on.

Changes to Your Personal Data

If you are already registered to our site then you can make changes to your account details by logging in to the site using your email. You can change any of your information anytime you want. You also can subscribe to get the regular newsletter or you can unsubscribe any time to stop receiving newsletters from the site.


All information we collect from you is fully protected. All the information is stored in a database, which is only accessible to the people who have the permission to deal with it. We can’t guarantee the security of the server and the database. When the information transmits to us or the other site for the services through the Internet we can’t guarantee. We can ensure that we don’t sell, rent or disclose any of your information to the third party except any govt. issues.

The team has all the rights to change the privacy policy time to time without any notice. After any major changes, kidheed may send you a notification mail or a written statement.

The vaccumbazar is not responsible for any unexpected hazard or any kind of problem happens because of purchasing or using any vacuum cleaner or any product referenced on our site.

If there are any queries or for more information about this privacy policy or anything related to this site you can contact us through an email at [email protected]