Organic Cotton Sack Baby Sleeping Bag forSummer Autumn


27 Reviews$3.58 $2.08Organic Cotton Sack Baby Sleeping Bag forSummer Autumn New Baby Girls Wearable Safe Muslin Blanket Baby Summer Sleeping BagColorKid Size



MADE FOR A SAFE AND SECURE SLEEP: Wearable blankets replaces loose blankets for a secure and comfy sleep. Do not put loose blankets in the crib with baby.

KEEP BABY COMFORTABLE AND WARM: Sleeveless with microfleece lining this sleeping bag is designed to be worn over baby’s clothing to keep baby cozy warm and covered while sleeping.

EASY AND CONVENIENT CONSTRUCTION: Easy diaper changes with bottom to top zipper. Comes with a snap tab on top of zipper to protect baby’s chin.

EASY CARE, HIGH QUALITY: Wearable blankets are very easy to care for and can be machine washed for long lasting use. Durable fabric does not shrink or fade.