XSilver For Nursing Mothers Specially Designed with


$49XSilver For Nursing Mothers Specially Designed with Tip Protector Silver Cover Breast Feeding Nipple Wound Fashion Female Baby


Pregnant and have given birth mothers are specially designed for Silver chest covers 925 sterling silver.

Easy to use and comfortable.

Breastfeeding mothers and expectant mothers in use.

How to Use?

  1. During Pregnancy use

Delivery 2 weeks before the event, can start out with 1-2 hours per day gittik��e increasing periods is recommended.

  1. Maternity After

After breastfeeding, covers chest u��lar��n��z��n ��zerine off. Breastfeeding among them make you stay in the chest as long as possible.

Lotion and Cream Use

XSilver Silver Chest together with another cream or lotion do not use. This case silver flats activity may be reduced.

Silver chest covers use life and activity does not decrease over time.


How to Clean?

XSilver products clean for carbonate with a little water into getirip with this paste products ovup with plenty of water by rinsing clean enough.

Please make sure the kuruland������ndan thoroughly after each wash. Baby bottle cleaning products and natural using soap can clean.

Disinfectant or detergent. Kaynatmay��n��z. Dish machine wash appliance.

(Product diameter 4,5 cm)