TA288 Needle Food Thermometer Kitchen Food Oil Thermometer


$2.5 $1.35TA288 Needle Food Thermometer Kitchen Food Oil Thermometer Milk Thermometer Water Thermometer Electronic Thermometer



1. Safe material: The item is made from ABS and stainless steel, the material is safe, rust proof, nontoxic.

2. Fast and accurate: Instant read thermometer has stainless steel probe with precise sensor that provides readings in seconds.

3. Clear to read: Large display ensures readability easy and quick.

4. ��C/��F switchable: The units can be switched easily.

5. Application: Widely used in kitchen, BBQ, meat, baking and more.


Scope of application: The temperature measurement of most liquids or solids is suitable for homes, laboratories, workshops and other environments.

How to use: First take off the needle protective cover, press the right ON button to turn on the thermometer, then press the left C/F button to adjust the temperature unit (Celsius/Fahrenheit can be selected), and then insert the needle into the temperature measurement object. Wait a few seconds to read the temperature.



Color: White

Size: Probe-length 14.8cm, meter head-length 4.4cm, width 3cm,thickness 2cm

Display screensize – 2.4cm*1.4cm

Material: stainless steel needle body, ABS material head and needle tip protective cover

Temperature measurement range: -50���-300��� (-58���-572���)

Working temperature range: 0���-50��� (30���-122���)

Digital display mode: LCD digital display


Package Included:

1 * food thermometer