Swing Chair for Baby, Infant & Toddler-Soft,Cozy Soft & Safe Swing Seat, Wooden Hanging Swing, Indoor Swing,Temporary Hammock for Indoor Playground, Tree Swings or Backyard


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Material Double-sided cotton canvas UV-protected fabric, natural beech wood nontreated (recommended not to be left outdoors)Double-sided cotton canvas UV-protected fabric, natural beech wood nontreated (recommended not to be left outdoors)
Product Dimensions 10.23″D x 9.84″W x 6.29″H
Item Weight 4.31 Pounds
Frame Material Natural beech wood nontreated (recommended not to be left outdoors)


  • ✔️DURABLE AND SAFE – Stringent testing and high quality natural materials such as double-sided cotton canvas fabric, marine-grade rope and lockable carabiners ensures that your little one will swing securely. The bucket swing seat is deep and comfortable, and backed by warranty & support.
  • 🤲 FUN AND HANDS FREE – Take a seat grin as they enjoy the outside with wind in their hair and engage in exploring while you catch-up on cooking, set it up at an outdoor picnic, on a swing set in the park, or for a few minutes to catch your breath from the busy day.
  • 🎂 A GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING – A thoughtful present to buy for holiday celebrations, from friends, family and grandparents alike. Show them that you care with a quality present that’s guaranteed smiles. Swing comes in an amazing package great for a gift idea.
  • 😄 COMFORTABLE AND CLEVER – The designer dual-color padded cotton cushion is detachable and easy to clean. It can also be removed to make extra seat room as your little one grows bigger. Rest easy knowing you’ve made a smart investment that will be long lasting.
  • 🌟 EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND MACHINE WASHABLE – Very portable with simple setup taking a matter of minutes! No special tools required – easy to understand assembly instructions included. Set the rope length and height options with the easy adjuster. Quick dismantle for easy washing options as well.

Transform your little one’s playtime into an extraordinary adventure with EzyLiving’s Baby Swing. This delightful swing chair is designed to provide endless hours of fun and comfort, both indoors and outdoors. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, this wooden canvas swing is the perfect addition to any nursery or play area. Crafted from high-quality materials, the EzyLiving’s Baby Swing ensures durability and longevity. The sturdy wooden frame provides excellent stability, while the soft and breathable canvas seat offers a cozy and secure place for your baby to relax and play. Rest assured, knowing that your child is safe and supported while enjoying their swinging experience. Versatility is at the heart of EzyLiving’s Baby Swing. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this Swing is easy to install in your home, on a porch, or in the backyard. The adjustable ropes allow you to customize the height, ensuring a comfortable fit for your growing child. Watch as your little one’s eyes light up with joy as they sway back and forth in their Swing. Designed for your child’s safety, the EzyLiving’s Baby Swing features a sturdy construction and reliable security measures. The reinforced straps and buckles provide added stability, preventing accidental slips or falls. You can have peace of mind knowing your baby is protected while having a blast. Not only is our Swing a source of endless entertainment, but it also promotes sensory development and coordination skills. The gentle swinging motion helps soothe and calm your baby, while the bright and playful Monkey Mouse design sparks their imagination. Let their creativity soar as they embark on exciting adventures from the comfort of their Swing. Installation is a breeze. Our Swing comes with all the necessary hardware, making assembly quick and effortless. Hang it up and watch your child’s excitement grow as they discover their new favourite spot. Make memories that will last a lifetime, and give your little one a safe and enjoyable place to swing, play, and relax. Delight in their laughter and see their happiness soar with every gentle sway. Order your EzyLiving’s Baby Swing today and create magical moments your child will cherish forever. The frame is Natural beech wood nontreated (recommended not to be left outdoors)