SULU Baby Swings for Infants to Toddler Baby Rockers and Bouncers 2 in 1 Portable 5 Speed Electric Baby Swing with 10 Pre-Set Lullabies, Remote Control


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Brand SULU
Color Gray
Product Dimensions 25″D x 19″W x 19″H
Assembly Required Yes


  • Beautiful Soft Music: Soothing music before bedtime, let the baby into a sweet dream. Can be linked to cell phone Bluetooth play baby songs.
  • Scientific Design: Scientific 25 ° back tilt angle, simulating the mother’s embrace, effectively care for spinal development.
  • Adjustable Rocking chair: three gears can be adjusted. Sitting can be fed, lying down can be used as a rocking chair.
  • Five-speed Gentle rocking: remote control of five-speed gentle swing, so that the baby more comfortable.
  • Portable Baby Swing: USB / power / battery powered. Indoor and outdoor use anytime, anywhere

Item: Electric Baby Swing

Weight: 4.5kg

Age Group: 0-12Months Color: Grey

Input Voltage: 100-240V-50/60Hz

Output Voltage: DC5V、1A