4Pcs Child Baby Safety Silicone Protector Table Corner


6048 Reviews$2.774Pcs Child Baby Safety Silicone Protector Table Corner Edge Protection Cover Children Anticollision Edge & GuardsColor



transparent and softOur totally transparent protector are like a part of the furniture to keep the original look of the furniture. The improved PVC material is more flexible and provides soft bumps at the corners to reduce the likelihood of injury.

good customer serviceWe aim to provide good quality product and sincere service for our customers. If you are not satisfied with our corner protector or service, we are grateful to solve your problem.

How can we solve the problem that mothers worry about, which the baby may hit the pointed corner of the table���

Anti-collision table corner protectorprotect your baby from being hurt by the corners of coffee table,desk,TV cabinets and other sharp corners in the house.

For different furniture and furniture styles, we provide you with suitable table corner protective covers of different materials, you can choose according to your needs