New STO EGG doll head lovely 1/8 BJD dolls OB DIY custom


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Only baby head, no doll body, clothes and wig
The baby’s head is purely hand-painted. The hand-painted makeup cannot be exactly the same as the picture. Each makeup will have some differences. For example: left side, right sideCan’t be 100% symmetrical . eyelash There may be glue residue, eyebrows, eye makeup, blush length, size, thickness, etc. , If you want 100% perfect buyers, please do not buy

Material: ABS resin
Head circumference: about 14cm
Skin tone: ob white muscle
Eyeball: 10mm glass eyeball
Model: No makeup head/with makeup head
Fitting: recommended ob11 .ddf white muscle
Note:Since the doll is drawn by hand, once you paid order,not cancel

Special hand set for YMY body
Replace hands: You need to heat your hands [hot water] to replace them. After replacing them, they can be moved normally after cooling~ Very convenient

The size is similar to Ob11, clothes and shoes can be the same
GSC clay heads with face braces can be plugged in directly, no need to buy neck cards anymore
Egg heads can also be used. Just plug it inside and fix it with eye mud.