NAPEI Baby Swing for Infants to Toddler,Electric Portable Baby Swing and Bouncer,Bluetooth Infant Swing for Newborn with Remote Control,10 Music,5 Speed,3 Seat Position,Baby Rocker for Baby 0-9 Month


4.498+ ratings

Brand napei
Color Gray
Material Aluminum, Cotton
Product Dimensions 25″D x 23″W x 20″H
Item Weight 8.8 Pounds


  • 【Motorized Bluetooth Swing】:The baby swing is equipped with a touch screen as well as Bluetooth connectivity, allowing parents to easily adjust the rocking settings, including rocking speed and music, without disturbing their baby. Offering greater convenience and flexibility.
  • 【Timer Function】: This baby swing comes with a timer function that allows parents to set the duration of the rocking. You can set three rocking times (8.15.30 minutes) and when the time is up, it will automatically stop working. Provides convenience and peace of mind.
  • 【Remote Control】: The rocking chair comes with a remote control that allows parents to adjust the rocking settings, including rocking speed and music selection, without leaving the baby’s side, providing a more convenient use experience.
  • 【5 Point Harness】: The swing is equipped with a 5-point harness system, ensuring the baby’s safety and security during swinging sessions.
  • 【5 Rocking Speeds 】: This product offers 5 different rocking speeds, allowing parents to choose the speed that best suits their baby’s comfort and preference.
  • 【Music Speaker】: The rocking chair is equipped with a music speaker that can play soothing melodies or lullabies, which can provide a comfortable and quiet rocking environment to help your baby fall asleep.