Mocoe Baby Swing Glider Children’s Room Decoration Baby Entertainment Swing Solid Wood Boards Sponge mat Cotton String Swing Purple + Hook



  • This swing has three colors, pink, purple and white
  • It is made of solid wood boards, cotton string and cotton cushion (containing the items used for installation) and is suitable for children aged 5 to 14.
  • Solid wood boards size: 19.2*7.7*1.6 inches, cotton cushion size: 16.6*8.7 * 1.6cm, cotton string folded length is about 98.5 inches
  • This swing can be used for children’s entertainment and decoration (children’s room, courtyard, etc.)
  • Applicable occasions: home, amusement park, courtyard, community, bedroom, balcony

Product Category: Swing
color: pink + Hook, purple + Hook, White + Hook
material: solid wood boards + cotton cushion
applicable age: Teenager (5-14 years old)
applicable occasions: home, amusement park, supermarket, shopping mall, Community