Mastela 3-in-1 Bedside Crib Electric Intelligent Baby Bassinet Swing Beside Sleeper Cradle , 5 Swing Speed, 3 Timing time, 15 Music, 4 Usage Modes


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Color Grey
Brand Mastela
Product Dimensions 35.43″L x 19″W x 40.16″H
Material Metal
Maximum Weight Recommendation 15 Kilograms


  • Linen, Cotton
  • Safe and comfortable: As parents, we all hope to provide the best for our children. You can rest assured that the products you buy are designed by parents for their parents. Our company specializes in the research and development of baby products. The product is easy to assemble and disassemble, saving time and energy. During travel, it can be easily stored in the bedroom closet, or even in the trunk of the vehicle. It is very suitable for your newborn and has passed the CPC certification.
  • Versatility: Our products can do most things that other cradles cannot do. You can easily and quickly switch between the swing, bedside bed, sleeping basket and game bed.
  • The lower space of the rocking bed can be expanded to become a baby’s play bed. Level 5 adjustable translational swing speed, you can freely choose a comfortable swing speed to comfort your baby. The shaking table is connected to the power supply, and it can move horizontally from left to right. This way is more comfortable, and can prevent the baby from leaning to the side of the bed during the swing process.
  • Three level timing function: In order to simplify the setting steps, we have added three levels of timing to this cradle, which is convenient for you to set the time to 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 45 minutes through the button, or 60 minutes by default.
  • Built in music and remote control: This cradle has 15 different music melodies, which you can play through your phone or USB. In addition, for the convenience of parents, we have equipped remote control for the cradle. This way, you can set without leaving the sofa.
  • The unique one-way wheel allows you to move the shaker easily.The sleeping basket can be disassembled for independent use.Two cute toys can quickly arouse the baby’s curiosity.
  • The sunshade with mesh can provide a relatively independent small space for the baby to prevent interference.
  • Durable materials: solid and lightweight hardware, easy to use and long-term flexibility. The fabric, mesh and zipper are durable, but breathable, soft and heavy – thicker than most other mattresses.
  • Grow up with your baby: As our children grow up, they naturally grow more than clothes, shoes and other items. These are the expected facts of parenthood. As our cradle is multifunctional, it will provide different values as your child’s needs change.