Little trouble disono DDF body fit GSC clay head ob11


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The joints are tighter than the Japanese ob11, and will not fall off. The smoothness is not as good as ob11.

Hand set is only suitable for: DDF&OB11 body (Not suitable for YMY body and other body)

This body is basically the same size as the Japanese version of OB11, and custom clothes and shoes can be worn through.

Reminder: It is difficult for a body of this size to be completely symmetrical about 100%. The small parts are matched together. Even if there is only a 1mm gap, you will feel that the height difference between left and right is very large. Including ob11 body, many people also reported that the height of the left and right legs is different. This problem cannot be seen after the doll puts on clothes and shoes. If you mind, please consider carefully before buying.

Note: There will be chromatic aberrations in different batches of body, and there will be differences in different photographic light.