Lemoeyes Auto-Swing Electric Baby Crib, Folding Infant Rocker 0-25KG Electric Crib Cradle Newborn Sleeping Bed with Remote Control, 0-18 Months Baby Swing Bed Cot Rocking Chair (Blue)



  • 【Automatic Baby Crib】Made of Abs+Bold Steel Pipe+Baking Paint material. Thick steel pipe material can protect infants. The anti-skid foot pad increases the friction with the ground, and it is difficult to move and tilt when shaking
  • 【5 Gears Adjustable】Five adjustable automatic rocking chairs, start button, each click is 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (8 minutes – 15 minutes – 30 minutes – 60 minutes – music files). The time and speed can be adjusted as needed
  • 【Apply to】This electric baby rocking chair is suitable for babies from 0 to 18 months old, with a load bearing range of 0-25kg, and is suitable for most babies
  • 【Remote Control】This crib adopts intelligent remote control, has timer function, and automatically shuts down. You can adjust the time as needed. With music playback function, 12 music are built in
  • 【With Fixed Belt & Puppets】With safety belt design, it can prevent side turning. Comfortable puppets with bright colors can effectively exercise the baby’s vision and hands-on ability


♥ Large usb port to extend the memory

♥ 5V low voltage safety voltage, multiple power supply methods

♥ Lengthen the design, let the baby have more activity space

♥ The inner layer thickens the mattress, the inner layer thickens fiber cotton, breath ability is good, the baby sleeps more comfortable


Material:Abs + Bold Steel Pipe + Baking Paint + Skin Friendly Fabric

Appearance Size: 100*75*86cm/40*30.0*33.9inch

Net Weight: 6kg

Internal Length: 90*52*30cm/35.5*20.5*11.8inch

Color: Pink / Blue / Khaki

Load Weight: 0-25Kg

Battery: 5V, 2W (Not Included)

Remote Control Distance: 5M

Mat: 2cm Thick

Height Of Bed From The Ground: 16cm/6.3inch

Height Of Rocking Chair From The Ground: 22cm/8.7inch

Built-In 12 Music + Mp3 Play + Can Insert U Disk(Not Disk) + 1 Remote Controller + 1 Mat + 1 Pillow + 1 Nets

Package Include:

1 x Baby Bed

1 x USB

1 x Mat

1 x Controller(No Battery)

1 x Net

1 x Pillow


Please allow 1-3cm manual measure error

If you don’t how to install, please contact our cs

Within 3 months, the baby’s adaptability is weaker, and it is easy to cry at the beginning. At the beginning, don’t turn on the electric motor, and need to adapt slowly