Crib Portable Electric Cradle Baby Swing Cot,5-Gear Microwave Adjustable Rocking Bedside Cribs,Collapsible Crib Basket with Music for Infant Newborn,Timing,Khaki


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Color Khaki
Brand Generic
Product Dimensions 1″L x 1″W x 1″H


  • [Multifunctional Design]The baby bassinet is not only a bassinet, but also a swing for baby, it also has a adjustable awning, effectively block direct light,gives babies a good sleep. Intelligent Electric Cradle Crib, Liberating Mother’s Hands and Coaxing the Baby Easily,Scientifically Coaxing Sleep and Taking Care of the Baby More Easily
  • [5 gears swing speed]5-Speed Microwave Light Rocking,As If in the Arms of the Mother,the Arm Trajectory of the Bionic Mother When Comforting the Baby,Like a Small Boat Floating up and down in the Water Waves,Gently Fluctuating Left and Right.You Can Easily Find a Suitable Swing Speed for Baybies
  • [3 gears swing timing]: 3-speed timing, the baby sleeps peacefully, the baby completes the set swing timing (15min, 30min, 45min) before going to bed, and after the baby is asleep, the shaker will automatically shut down after the timing is over.Mothers Can Enjoy a Hand-Free Moment under Heavliy Housework
  • [Music Player]Soft musics for easing babies into sleep, Create a Better Sleeping Atmosphere,Soft Soothing Music Before Going to Bed,Let the Baby Enter the Sweet Dreamland,Can Be Connected to the Mobile Phone to Play the Baby’s Favorite Music
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A bedside crib is a type of crib that is designed to be placed directly next to the parents’ bed, allowing the baby to sleep in close proximity to their parents. This type of crib has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its many advantages. One of the main benefits of using a bedside crib is that it can make nighttime breastfeeding easier.

▶Automatic Rocking Chair,5 gears swing speed Can Be Adjusted,3 gear swing timing (15min, 30min, 45min)
▶Remote Control, Intelligent Control.
▶The Timer Function, Automatic Shutdown,Do Not Run for a Long Time, Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection.
▶Safety Fixed Belt Design to Prevent Side Turning.
▶Anti-skid Foot Pads Increase Friction with the Ground,It’s Hard to Move and Tip When Shaking.

Product name: Baby bed
Product color: khakigreengraypink
Product style: electric cradle
Product material: aluminum alloypolyester fiber, etc.
Applicable age: 0-36 months (depending on personal situation)

Package included:
1 ×Portable Baby Swing
1 ×Remote control
1 × Charger
1 × Memory foam mattress
1 × Sunshade mosquito net
1 × Storage bag