C/F BBQ Meat Thermometer Rotatable Digital Food Thermometer


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1. Safe material: The item is made from ABS and stainless steel, the material is safe, rust proof, nontoxic.

2. Fast and accurate: Instant read thermometer has stainless steel probe with precise sensor that provides readings in seconds.

3. Clear to read: Large display ensures readability easy and quick.

4. C/F switchable: The units can be switched easily.

5. Application: Widely used in kitchen, BBQ, meat, baking and more.


Scope of application: The temperature measurement of most liquids or solids is suitable for homes, laboratories, workshops and other environments.

How to use: First take off the needle protective cover, press the right ON button to turn on the thermometer, then press the left C/F button to adjust the temperature unit (Celsius/Fahrenheit can be selected), and then insert the needle into the temperature measurement object. Wait a few seconds to read the temperature.


Color: White

Size: Probe-length 14.8cm, meter head-length 4.4cm, width 3cm,thickness 2cm

Display screensize – 2.4cm*1.4cm

Material: stainless steel needle body, ABS material head and needle tip protective cover

Temperature measurement range: -50-300 (-58-572)

Working temperature range: 0-50 (30-122)

Digital display mode: LCD digital display

Package Included:

1 * food thermometer

Please note when using:

1. Do not measure objects whose temperature is higher or lower than the temperature measurement range of this thermometer, and avoid using the thermometer at too high or too low temperatures to avoid inaccurate temperature measurement or damage to the thermometer.

2. When using and storing the thermometer, please avoid touching the meter head with water to avoid damaging the electronic components.

3. The needle is sharper, please put a protective cover on it and store it properly to avoid danger caused by children’s contact.


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