boyfriend cuddle pillow


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Boyfriend Cuddle Pillow — A special gift for single women

Product Name: Boyfriend Cuddle Pillow

Product Size: 50X48X20cm

Weight: About 650g

Materials: 100% Polyester for Pillow and 100% cotton for shirt

Shirt with real buttons: Detachable and machine washable.

  • A GREAT GIFT FOR YOUR BELOVE WOMAN — According to our selling experiences, this product was always sent to women who are in love or waiting for love. People send it to their good friends or lovers as a birthday gift, gag gift or companinon toy/pillow on sepecial days. No matter what occasion it is, the item always brings surprise and happiness to people who receive it because of its unique design and excellent quality.

  • ORIGINAL DESIGN OF MUSCLE MAN PILLOW- The tan skin pillow you are now looking at is the most original design of Muscle man pillows. All the other similar pillows on market are inspired and developed from this item. As the first generation of designing, this pillow possesses the most reasonable shape and structure of a real muscle man’s body.

  • A PRODUCT OF GREAT WORKMANSHIP – When making the pillow, our workers always pay keen attention to the sewing job which is most important to the production. Then after careful stuffing and final seam closing, we have QC inspectors for a full checking of each part of our pillows just to make sure no defects found on site. Finally we shape the pillow by adjusting fiber inside so to make a great looking before packing . Honestly, we would call this product a sculpture rather than a pillow

  • A HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT- Material of pillow skin is called super softboa whose hand feel is extremely soft and smooth. You feel like holding a baby in arms when you cuddle this pillow. Stuffing of the pillow is grade A PP fiber, it’s white , clean and high elasticity. Stuffing level is quite important to the product, to guarantee our pillow a good shape and great hand feel as well, over or less stuffing makes a bad feeling when hugging. we have tried many stuffing level before we finally make.

  • IT’S SAFE-Materials of both skin and filler are non-toxic and they are surely safe enough for skin contact. The fabric used for the pillow had been high-temperature dyed and the color fastness is excellent. Since we strictly control the quality checking on line, seam open or fiber exposure are seldom found.