BM305 Monster Truck 4WD Whit 30.5cc Engine for 1/5


$1275.55 $867.37BM305 Monster Truck 4WD Whit 30.5cc Engine for 1/5 Scale Racing Rc Car



Scale: 1/5            ROFUN BM305 four-wheel drive Hummer Bigfoot detailed configuration Introduction            The ratio: 1/5 4WD 1,30.5CC single-cylinder air-cooled two-stroke gasoline engine     NGK Spark Plug Walbro668 carburetor 2, LxWxH: 760mm * 500mm * 360mm 3. Tread 410mm 4, wheelbase 500mm 5, rear axle brake 6, belt drive 4WD 7, CNC four hydraulic brakes 8, CNC clutch cup tripod 9, former head ball CVD drive shaft 10,15KG full metal gear throttle servo 11, double 40KG metal gear steering servo 12, all-metal front and rear shock absorber 13, stainless steel resonator tube 14, front and rear aluminum differential 15, the new border fixed Bigfoot containing fetal 200X100 16, AA2000 device battery 17, vehicle comes with emergency repair kits 18, GT3B large LCD 2.4G remote control 19, antiroll bar group 20, with the rise of the wheel 21, vehicle comes with refueling funne