Bescon’s Emotion, Weather and Direction Dice Set, 3


13 Reviews$9.6Bescon’s Emotion, Weather and Direction Dice Set, 3 piece Proprietary Polyhedral RPG Dice Set in Blue, Green, Yellow


Bescon’s Emotion, Weather and Direction Dice Set, 3 piece Proprietary Polyhedral RPG Dice Set in Blue, Green, Yellow 



Product Description

Bescon’s Emotion, Weather and Direction Dice Set, 3 piece Proprietary Polyhedral RPG Dice Set, Blue, Green, Yellow with White/Black print.
Designed to provide quick results for three questions that come up often in tabletop roleplaying games, such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, OSR games, Warhammer (Fantasy or 40K), Savage Worlds, Heroscape, Star Wars, Rifts and many others. Each is so simple and useful that you would think they must have been available before. 
Presented for the first time together.
The Random Direction Die: Provides a compass point result, to determine where a game trail, errant missile, gust of wind, fleeing monster or lost adventurer is headed, a very handy dice to have in your collection.
The Random Weather Die: For the first time, you can simply roll this die to provide the weather conditions for the day, or a sudden shift while out in the wilderness, or a random change from some supernatural effect. ten possible results show a shift up or down in temperature with the thermometer icons, along with the eight most commonly used weather condition icons used in television weather reports, Sunny/fine, Cloudy, Scattered Showers, Overcast and rainy, Thunderstorm, Windy, Snow/hail and Partly cloudy.
The Random Emotion Die: Perfect for determining the starting mood of a character the players meet in their adventure, each of the twelve faces of the die represents one of the primary emotional states, so you will be ready to run a dynamic interaction before the players even speak to the non-player character they have just met. Perfect for negotiations, shopkeepers, dragons, you name it, roleplaying games come alive through interesting conversations with imaginary characters. The emotion states represented are Happy, Frightened, Flirting, Joking, Confused, Sad, Apathetic, Amazed, Angry, Attracted, Interesting and Hostile. 
You are sure to attract admiration from other players when they see these unique dice in your collection, and your games will be that much easier when you have just the right die for the job! We are sure you will come up with more uses for these dice than we could ever imagine.

They are standard sized dice, each 3pcs set comes with its own Mesh Pouch and is quality tested to meet Bescon’s highest standards.

Warning: Small parts, Not for under 5 years old.
Thanks for designer Mr.Pickett!




Our Advantage 


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Sides / faces: 4,6,8,10,12,20 sides dice welcome.

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