Battlestar Galactica Vipers 2 hao Viper Mk2 Paper Model


$9.9Battlestar Galactica Vipers 2 hao Viper Mk2 Paper Model DIY Handmade Fancy Toy Garage Kit Paper Handicraft Decoration


3D Cube Papercraft, Lovers Can Collect. Paper Material, Safe and Environmentally Friendly. The Splicing Design Is Ingenious. The Shape Is Exquisite and Can Be Used for Decoration after the Production Is Completed.


 1, Product Name: Fort Viper Mk2 Paper Model

2, Note: It Is Difficult, Suitable for Medium and Advanced Level Enthusiasts, Not Suitable for Novices!

3, Drawing: 6 Pages

4, Difficulty: Level 4 (Level 6 Is the Most Advanced and the Most Difficult)

5, Instructions: English Version (Because the Manufacturing Process Is Very Detailed, It Is Not Convenient to Make Paper. Customers Contact the Store to Ask for It))