Baby Swing Outdoor Wooden Toddler Secure Swing Indoor & Outdoor Infant Hanging Swing Chair with Canvas Cushion, Swing Sets for Backyard


4.531+ ratings

Color Gray
Material Wood
Item Weight 3.3 Pounds
Frame Material Wood


  • The children’s suspension swing is made of high-quality canvas and smooth wood, and its design takes into account durability, functionality and appearance.
  • Suitable for children from 6 months to 3 years old. The swing can withstand a weight of 50 kg / 110.23 lbs.The Toddler Swing is a perfect choice-exercise babies sense of balance and physical coordination.
  • This canvas hanging swing seat can be used indoors and above. Outdoors, you can hang the swing on a sturdy tree branch, allowing your baby to appreciate nature at close range.
  • This baby swing seat is equipped with adjustable and wear-resistant ropes and has excellent load-bearing capacity. The removable seat cushion is more comfortable and soft.
  • Our baby swing seat can exercise your baby’s balance ability, improve their physical coordination ability, and stimulate their athletic ability. Please note: The swing is made of canvas and wood and is not waterproof, Prolonged exposure to the sun may cause the canvas to fade. In order to achieve a longer service of the swing, please place it indoors when not in use.