Baby Elastic Rubber Loom Bands Set Box DIY Toys Bracelet


$29.98 $15.29Baby Elastic Rubber Loom Bands Set Box DIY Toys Bracelet Silicone Bands Rainbow Weave Gum Toy Handicraft Kit Girl Gift Kids ToysColor


Selling Point Diy toys rubber bands bracelet for kids or hair rubber loom bands refill rubber band make woven bracelet DIY Christmas 2019 Gift Material: 1. Environment-friendly rubber resin is adopted to ensure quality safety from the source. Food-grade EVA material is adopted to be safe, non-toxic and tasteless. 2. Bright colors and pure colors. A color a mood, to bring children a happy mood and feelings; 3. Create experiences and give play to children’s rich imagination. Brings the children infinite imagination, the rich form and the diverse play method, has satisfied and developed the child innermost feelings need and in the operation creativity. 4. Successful experience, gain confidence in joy, cultivate the child’s confidence condition let the child continue to get successful experience, baby’s every work is the embodiment of the inner thoughts. Research shows that the majority of children experience the joy of success in DIY toys! 5. Improve children’s sense of teamwork. Rainbow rubber band can play alone or organize children to play this kind of team-consciousness training game, which improves mutual motivation in communication and teamwork.