ANYURAN Electric Baby Swing Controller, Hanging Electric Cradle Control with Adjustable Timer Swing Spring for Baby Cradle and Baby Hammock, Up to 19 kg



  • [Free your hands] This baby cradle controller is practical and durable, stable and silent. Save energy and convince your baby to fall asleep quickly.
  • [Timing function] Electronic control can set the time, each time you press the timer, the time will increase by 60 minutes.
  • [Safety and energy saving] The vibration amplitude of the controller and the sound of music can be adjusted, safe and easy to use, low voltage, can save power and free hands.
  • [Adjustable weight] The recommended maximum load of the baby cradle rotation control device is 21 kg, 2 springs are suitable for 4kg to 6 kg, 3 springs are suitable for 6 kg to 8 kg, 5 springs are suitable for 11 kg to 14kg, 7 The spring is suitable for 17 to 19kg.
  • [Wide use] The cradle drive can keep the baby in a good sleep, and it is not easy to wake up, just like in the arms of the mother, and can bring the baby a sense of security, suitable for all families

Step 1: First determine the total weight (baby + cradle + baby quilt)Each spring can load 2.7 kg, there are 7 springs in total, and the maximum load is 19 kg.The total weight must be consistent with the number of springs
Step 2: Install the spring Install the springs in the small holes at both ends, and hang the motor and the tripod downward Note: When hanging the spring, ensure the left and riaht balance.
Step 3: Use the hook to hang the cradle on the tripod, turn on the power, and then turn it on.The speed is adiusted to the appropriate speed according to the swing amplitude.
Note: The bottom of the cradle is about 60cm away from fhe ground.

Volume adjustment: 10 levels adjustable
Vibration speed adjustment: 10 levels adjustable
Timing setting: add 60 minutes each time
Maximum load: 21kg Input voltage: DC 12V
Power: 12W

1*Spare rope
1*iron sheet