ANYURAN Electric Baby Swing Controller, Baby Bouncer Cradle 12W Hanging Electric Cradle Control Adjustable Timer Swing Spring, for Baby Cradle Baby Hammock



  • [Free your hands] This baby cradle controller is practical and durable, stable and silent. Save energy and convince your baby to fall asleep quickly.
  • [Timing function] Electronic control can set the time, each time you press the timer, the time will increase by 60 minutes.
  • [Safety and energy saving] The vibration amplitude of the controller and the sound of music can be adjusted, safe and easy to use, low voltage, can save power and free hands.
  • [Adjustable weight] The recommended maximum load of the baby cradle rotation control device is 21 kg, 2 springs are suitable for 4kg to 6 kg, 3 springs are suitable for 6 kg to 8 kg, 5 springs are suitable for 11 kg to 14kg, 7 The spring is suitable for 17 to 19kg.
  • [Wide use] The cradle drive can keep the baby in a good sleep, and it is not easy to wake up, just like in the arms of the mother, and can bring the baby a sense of security, suitable for all families

Product name: 1 Set Electric Baby Swing Controller Baby Bouncer Cradle
Volume adjustment: 10 levels adjustable
Vibration speed adjustment: 10 levels adjustable
Timing setting: add 60 minutes each time
Maximum load: 21kg
Input voltage: DC 12V
Power: 12W

pack list:
1*iron sheet
1*Spare rope