ANYURAN Baby Rocker Controller, Electric Baby Swing Controller with Adjustable Timer Hanging Electric Cradle Control for Baby Spring Cradle Baby Hammock


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Material Iron
Furniture Finish Iron
Maximum Weight Recommendation 15 Kilograms
Assembly Required Yes


  • Swing Up and Down is More Scientific: The cradle swings up and down, and the amplitude of the upwards and downwards can be controlled to avoid damage to the baby’s brain. If the living room is well ventilated, this can also help you save electricity and avoid switching on the air conditioner.
  • Free Your Hands: Easy to convince BB to sleep. You don’t have to hug your body every day. It can be placed in the living room or other places so you can take care of BB while doing other things.
  • 4 Timing Levels Adjustable: Press 1 time is 60 minutes, press 2 time is 120 minutes, press 3 time is 180 minutes, press 4 time is 240 minutes), and the vibration amplitude of the control can be set.
  • High Load: Baby cradle swivel regulator recommend a maximum load of 18 kg, 3 springs for 6 kg to 8 kg, 4 springs for 8 kg to 11 kg, 5 springs for 11 kg to 15 kg.
  • Instructions for Use: Hang the controller high, the motor is top, the triangular iron is below and the height must not be less than 1.8 metres, otherwise there is not enough space to swing up and down.

Installation steps:
1. Confirm the weight that the spring motor needs to bear, and equip the spring motor with the corresponding number of springs!
2. According to the use needs and space conditions, place the cradle frame or install the expansion hook on the ceiling! (The advantage of the cradle frame is that it is flexible and movable, but the disadvantage is that it takes up a lot of space and relatively large noise! ​​Hanging on the ceiling is the opposite, not movable but (It takes up less space and has a lower noise)
3. Use the S buckle to hang the spring motor at the end of the hanging loop or rope!
4. Hang the cradle with the S hook at the lower end of the spring motor, and adjust the length of the cradle rope.

Timing function:
The timer function is an additional function of the controller. The timer is turned off by the countdown, and the four positions are 60-120-180-240 minutes. The timing function is to keep swinging up and down. If you need to stop, please turn off the power switch manually!

pack list:1 x Baby Rocker Controller