AK 47 SUBMACHINE GUN puzzles for kids Collectible toys


$1.5AK 47 SUBMACHINE GUN puzzles for kids Collectible toys decoration toys educational toys wooden toys puzzle 1000 pieces



1. Not suitable for children under 3 years old (including 3 years old)!

Beware of miseating and causing suffocation risks when children put small parts into their mouths.

2. Children aged 4-7 should be accompanied by adults or parents.

Since the assembling of 3D three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle model has certain requirements on children’s assembling strength, skills, memory, logical ability and spatial imagination ability, children aged 4-7 should use it accompanied by adults or parents, play the role of parent-child interaction to enhance emotion

3. All products are processed by natural wood

Please keep the product away from fire source or water source, so as not to cause danger or affect the normal use of the product.

Assembly instructions:

1. Properly keep the color pictures, packing boxes, assembly instructions and other presswork contained in the product

Properly keep the color pictures or color boxes, flat-plane assembling illustration or 3D three-dimensional assembling illustration contained in the product packaging. If you accidentally lose the assembling illustration, please ask the customer service staff for the electronic version.

2. Don’t rush to assemble the model

After unpacking the product package, do not immediately dismantle the parts on the panel, and assemble according to the following steps

Step 1:

Look carefully at the finished product diagram of the model and have a general understanding of the whole model structure.

Step 2:

Put the disassembled plates in order according to the plates on the plane diagram to ensure that the materials are complete, and have a general understanding of what parts are on each piece of materials.

Step 3:

Start to dismantle the useful parts on the panel, and the useless parts can be left on the panel. Do not dismantle them. (Some useless parts have been deducted in the production process of the product, and the useful parts have link positions, so they won’t be lost. Please don’t worry about the lack of useful parts.) don’t use brute force in the disassembly process, to avoid damaging parts with colored silk print.

Step 4:

Put the removed parts in different categories, and put the parts with the same or symmetrical structure together. Sort and pile the disassembled parts according to the order of size, to find the parts accurately and quickly when assembling later.

Step 5:

According to the graphic assembly diagram and the component bayonet number written on the 3D three-dimensional assembly diagram, 1 to 1, 2 to 2 pairs, and so on, find the corresponding bayonet to assemble and follow the step-by-step deduction of the three-dimensional diagram. Pay attention to the alignment of the two bayonet directions when assembling, and do not deviate too much, to reduce the friction resistance between plates, and the bayonet insertion will be very smooth. As long as you keep patient and careful, the whole model will be magically presented in your hands!