54Pcs/set Wooden Digital Building Block Brain Game


$12.6 $8.8254Pcs/set Wooden Digital Building Block Brain Game Toy Entertainment Interaction ToysColor


Product size: 5X5X16cm

Accessories: 54 blocks, 18 layers

Single piece size: 5.2X1.7X0.9CM

Adaptation age: children over five years old

Educational purposes: 1. To exercise the coordination of children’s hands, eyes, and brain, and improve the stability of the large and small muscles of the hand

2. Cultivate children’s endurance and concentration;
3. Improve the balance of brain thinking and cerebellum, and stimulate children’s potential creativity;

4. This set of toys is also suitable for adults to use, with thrilling game effects, and can also be used as family games to enhance parent-child relationship;