Toys For Children Boys Outerdoor Powerful Velocity


$1.07 $1.01Toys For Children Boys Outerdoor Powerful Velocity Elastic Rubber Band for Slingshot Catapult Hunting toys Flat skinColor


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*Flat skin Slingshot characteristics*
1. The tension is very light, whether it is adults or children can use it.
2. Good stability, flat skin Slingshot is characterized by good stability, which helps improve accuracy.
3. The initial speed is high, and the rebound speed of the flat leather tendon is very fast,
which increases the initial speed of the bullet.
4.Using ABS aviation plastic material, hardness is very high, pull continuously.
Brand New,High Quality
Great Outdoor Entertaining
Use  Rocks, Marbles, Paintballs Etc. to Shoot
Special Aim Reference Design, Accurate Slingshot
Small Size Light Weight, Easy to Carry
Raise Your Shooting Accuracy
Included Skidproof Rubber 
Durable Use
Height:138mm,Width:68mm,Insider width:44mm
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Children’s toys, outdoor hunting and shooting, fishing,
outdoor shooting games, shooting practice