How to swaddle a baby step by step

How to swaddle a baby step by step

Though swaddling is an old tradition, you should know it that mimics the conditions of the womb, and all you need is a blanket and some clever folding. If you swaddle your baby, he will be sure to be happy, warm, and contented. He will feel a comfortable environment after swaddling. It will create the same sense of feelings they felt in the womb. After swaddling, you have to understand whether your baby is a perfect candidate for swaddling. So you need to the right technique.

Right age for swaddling

It is very important to know the right age of your baby for swaddling. When is the right age for swaddling? The answer to this question is when they are still infants. In this time, they are not able to turn their bellies. When your baby will turn at a perfect age, you should stop it. You must be careful when they are in the blanket.

Pay attention to your baby’s attitude

Some babies don’t like the feeling of swaddling and some likes. So you have to give attention whatever your baby likes it or not. As it helps a baby to remain quiet and help to sleep properly. So you can support it if your baby likes it very much. If your Baby doesn’t like it, don’t force them. If your baby has any medical burden, you need not use it.

Choose the right blanket

It is very important to choose the right blanket for your baby to swaddle. You have to take the right length of the blanket. The size of the blanket may be at least 40 by 40 inches or 100 cm × 100 cm if it is large too much, you will feel uncomfortable inside it. It will make a hazard for your baby. So choose the right size of the blanket.

Don’t swaddle too tightly

It is also an important matter to swaddle tightly or loosely. Tightly swaddling may cause your baby to create overheat and it may lead to breathing problems. If you have any confusion, you can discuss with the doctor how tightly you swaddle?

Lay your baby on their back.

It is very important to know which way do your babies lay? It will be a great mistake if lay your baby on his or her stomach. Don’t lay your baby on his stomach. You must lay your baby on his back. As babies bellies turn over so it may increase the risk of sudden infant death. So be careful about it.

Step 1

Baby swaddle step 1

First of all, you have to lay out the blanket on a flat surface. It should be in a diamond shape and you should buy the best blanket specifically for swaddle which will give a comfortable environment for your baby. You should buy a very thin stretchy material which will ensure the happiness of your baby. It will also make easier to swaddle the baby and will also keep him or her from getting too hot.

Step 2

Baby swaddle step 2

Secondly, you should fold down the top corner of the blanket. The folding size should be about as long as the baby is tall.

Step 3

Baby swaddle step 3

Thirdly place the baby and lay down the baby on the blanket so that his or her neck is on the fold. You have to remember if your baby is very young, be sure their head and body are properly supported while you do this.

Step 4

Baby swaddle step 4

Finally, move your baby’s arm into the right position. You will keep the baby’s arm at his or her side and will hold it in place. Now, swaddle your baby very carefully. Don’t swaddle your baby tightly.

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