5 Effective ways to clean the baby’s nose

how to clean baby nose

Nose is an important part of a baby’s body. It is so sensitive. So you have to be careful to take care of your baby’s nose. You also should know how to clean baby nose. Sometimes the nose of your baby has a narrow nasal passage, as a result, he feels very uncomfortable. You should wash the nose of your baby as soon as possible.

how to clean baby nose

Use of saline nasal spray

You should buy a saline nasal spray. This spray will help you to clean the nose of your babies, infants, and toddlers. First of all, you will lay down your baby on his back and, if possible, you should slightly tilt your baby’s head back.

Don’t force your baby to tilt your baby’s head. Now spray two to three drops of saline into each nostril. You don’t worry if a baby cries. If any spray comes out of the nose, you will wash it away gently with a towel or tissue paper.

Use rubber bulb syringe

You can use a rubber bulb syringe to clean the nose of your baby. You have to buy one specially made for baby’s tiny nostrils. Now you should lay baby down on his back.

Push the bulb to get all of the air out, and, then you will squeeze gently into baby’s nostril. Then move the pressure, keep it out, and squeeze the mucus out of the bulb onto a towel or tissue.

Cleaning baby nose with a cotton bud

You can use a baby cleaner to wash the nose of your baby. It will help you to clean the nose of your baby comfortably. As a cleaner, you can use a cotton bud. As it is soft, your baby will feel comfortable when you will use it. You should use several cotton buds to clean the nose of your baby.

Use of steam up the bathroom

Hot steam is an important element to wash the nose of your baby. First of all, you should run a hot shower for a few minutes. When the bathroom will become steamy then sit your baby in the bathroom a bit.

Hot steamy will help you to loosen the mucus in the nostrils of your baby. You have to remember that you don’t go in the hot shower with your little one. It may occur unexpected something.

Use a cool air humidifier

A cool air humidifier is an important way to keep your baby stuffy nose. If you run a cool air humidifier, your baby will feel comfortable and your babies will remain free from stuff situation. He can breathe easily.

If we use the heat on in our homes during the winter months, and this dry air will stuff up a baby’s nose. So we should keep a cool air humidifier running in his bedroom while he or she sleeps. It can offer some relief and prevent stuffiness of your baby.

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