How to Clean Baby Bottles

Clean baby bottles
Clean baby bottles

Bottles are an important part of a baby feeding during the first step of life. The bottle will help your baby to feed them any kinds of liquid substance. When you will face any problem with your breast, you may use the bottle for a well alternative way.

So you should make sure the cleanliness of bottle for your baby. An unclean bottle may carry any kinds of disease. So you should know the how to clean baby bottles.

Here are some tips on how to clean baby bottles

Use of brush

A brush is an easy element to wash any kinds of baby bottles. When you will use a brush inside the bottle, you will get the better result. You can use it moving inside the bottle. As it will be clean properly.

Use of hot and soapy water

Hot water is perfect for washing baby bottles. You also can use soapy water for the better result. Soapy water will create foam inside the bottle for washing baby bottles properly.

Use dishwashing liquid

Dishwashing liquid is an important substance to wash baby bottles. It has been designed for baby bottles. It is non-toxic and not leave a soapy residue on the bottle. If you use a plastic bottle, you have to be more careful.

Clean before and after using

You should clean the bottle before and after using. It may create any bacteria after using so your bottle should be cleaned before using. Fill it with hot water then shake it properly unless it will be cleaned.

Clean every parts separately

You have to clean every bottle separately like a bottle, nipple, and ring. It is important that old milk can remain between the ring and nipple which may grow bacteria. You can use hot and soapy water for cleaning. You also can use a bottle brush for bottle and nipple brush for the nipple.

Use of dishwasher

If your bottle is labeled dishwasher safe, you can use a dishwasher and can wash the bottle in it. Now there is the available dishwasher in the market so you can buy it for ring and nipple in the baby store.

Dry the bottle after using

You must remain the bottle dry after using. You will remain dry the bottle, nipple and ring separately. If you remain them damp, it may grow mold or fungus. Place the all parts of the bottle on the drying rack after wash.

Wash your hands before using the bottle

You should wash your hand before using the bottle. If the is dry, you must wash your hand with soapy water or any liquid.

Use of Sterilizer

You can use a sterilizer to sterilize your baby bottle. It will give you an over security to save your baby bottles. You can use the microwave when you will use a sterilizer to dry the bottle.

You should bear in mind that a healthy body is a healthy mind. So keep all the elements of your baby clean.

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