How to Burp a Sleeping Baby

Burp a sleeping baby

Most of the babies like to sleep while eating. They may sleep on your lap, on hand, on the shoulder, and on the bed. They need to be burped when they sleep. In the situation, it is very important for you to know the burping position. You should burp your baby without waking up from his sleeping mood. If you know the burping system, you can burp your baby very easily without him from any disturbance. If you can make a good burping environment for your baby, he will feel uncomfortable. It may be an important day or night.

How long does burping take?

You should take a maximum time to burp your baby. Time should be perfect not so high and not so low. You have to understand how much time do you need to burp your baby properly?

Baby burping tricks below.

You should know some method how to burp your baby when they will sleep. Here are some important methods which will help to burp your baby properly at day and night.

Burp between changing sides, or mid-bottle

Burp a sleeping baby

Your baby may enjoy its feeding very much that it overeat and don’t realize they need a pause to burp. You should help your baby by having a gentler burp and avoiding any major gas pain by slowing down the feed. You also should burp your baby between switching sides at the breast or before finishing their bottle. This situation will also help your baby to make room for more milk instead of burping and spitting up any of his food.

Hold on your shoulder and lower on your chest

Hold on your shoulder and lower on your chest | Burp a sleeping baby

You should hold your baby on your shoulder when you will feed your baby in a semi-upright position, you may gently move them all the way upright and onto your shoulder. Babies this you can keep sleeping in this cozy position when the pressure from your shoulder pushes on your baby’s tummy to release gas. You must keep a burp rag over your shoulder because your baby may tend to spit up. Similar to this position, your baby can be lifted from semi-upright to fully upright on your chest or sternum area. It will be most comfortable if you’re on a couch.

Rock on your arm

Rock on your arm | Burp a sleeping baby

When you will finish the feeding of your baby, you should slowly turn your baby away from you at 45 degrees so his tummy rests on your forearm. You should support your baby’s head in the crook of your elbow. Your baby’s may legs dangle on both sides of your arm. This is a serious position that puts pressure on their belly and you can gently pat their back until they burp. A mother can do such kind of position while sitting or standing.

Lay on your knees

Lay on your knees | Burp a sleeping baby

You may sit in a chair then you should move your baby to a laying position on their tummy on your knees. In this situation, your knees must lay down for a comfortable environment for your baby. Your legs can be moved from side to side to rock them and gently pat or rub their back until a burp comes. So that your baby can remain sleeping on your legs as long as you want to stay sitting.

Don’t be alarmed if your baby spilled up as they burp

When you will feed your babies, they may spill up as they burp. Don’t be nervous about this, it is natural for any baby to spill when they are feed or drank. At the same time, don’t try to force too much eating.

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