How to bathe a baby

How to Bathe a Baby

It is very important for a newborn baby to give it a proper bath. A proper health depends on a proper bath. A bath can give the refreshment of body and mind of a newborn baby. But you must remember that a newborn baby doesn’t need to be bathed as often as an older baby.

After a bath, he feels comfortable. You should know a newborn with umbilical stump should not be given TUP bath except sponge bath. You need to be more careful when you are in the hospital and your baby needs to be given a bath. So you should know the rules and system for a proper bath for your baby.

How to Bathe a Baby

Select right tub or sink

It is very important to select the right bathtub for a newborn baby. It may happen unexpected something for your a little subconscious. But when you are in the hospital you don’t need a bathtub. Here a newborn baby should be given a sponge bath. After coming home, you need to select the right bathtub which is safe for your baby. You can a free-standing plastic tubs which is made specifically for bathing newborn. First, you will fill the tub two or three inches with warm water.

Know holding system in the tub

To give a proper bath, you must know the holding system in a bathtub. You have to be sure that your baby is safe and secure in the tub. If you become conform then hold him so that he feels comfortable and does not move too much. You will keep your baby on your one hand and use another hand to wash him. When you will change your hand, be careful. You can use a baby seat for more opportunities.

Wash and clean the newborn baby

Wash and clean the body of your baby carefully. You can use some liquid substance as anticipating. You should take 10 or 15 minutes for your baby’s bath. First, you need to undress your baby. After undressing and removing diaper, wash back of your baby, then sit on the tub and pour warm water on his body. As the skin is dry, you can baby shop. Pour water very gently. You will clean all the parts of his body. After bathing, dry his body and dress him very quickly.

Check the water temperature

It is most important to check the water temperature when you give a bath to your baby. Water should not be so hot and not so cold. It must be light heat. After boiling the water, first, you will check it that it is perfect for your baby or not. Water should be 120 degrees Fahrenheit. You can mix hot water and cold water. You should use a thermometer to check warmth, if you don’t have it then check by your elbow.

Choose the right soaps and lotions

You can use some soap and lotions to the body of your baby when you will give a bath. It will help your baby to clean any kinds of dirt from his body. It should be well branded. You can take advice from a baby doctor which shop should be used. It doesn’t need to use soap every day if think it is necessary to use soap make sure it’s baby safe.

Don’t leave a baby unattended in a bathtub

As your baby is a little one so don’t leave him unattended in a bathtub. If you leave him, he may any accident. If you leave the room for a moment, it is extremely dangerous for a newborn baby. You must have ready everything for your baby before putting your baby in the bathtub. If you need to leave an emergency, keep your baby out of the tub.

Maintain time

It is very important to maintain time for a baby of a newborn baby. You should make a habit of a bath at the same time every day. It will help your baby to bear any kinds of weather. If you bathe your baby at a time every day, he will be safe from cold fever. So be careful about the bathing time for your newborn.

Use clean cloth

You must use a clean cloth when you will give a bath to your baby. The unclean cloth may have germ or bacteria. After bathing, dress him with a dry and clean cloth. You also use the dry diaper for over secure of your baby. A woolen cloth is perfect for a newborn so you should care about the cloth of your newborn.

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