How to proper bottle-feeding of a newborn baby

Bottle feeding newborn baby tips
Bottle feeding newborn baby tips

If you are the parents of a newborn baby, you have to know the tips how to feed bottle feeding of a newborn baby. If you don’t know the tips then you have to face some problems.

As bottle feeding is an important matter for a newborn baby. So, you should be more serious about the feeding of your newborn baby.

Some baby feeding tips are given below

Be sure about the cleanliness of bottle, nipple and others utensils

Cleanliness of bottle

First of all, you have to be careful about the cleanliness of the bottle, nipple and others utensils. You must clear all things after feeding and before feeding. You can use light hot water to clean bottle, nipple and others utensils.

For your little subconscious, it may occur any unexpected. Your baby may fall diarrhea or other stomach diseases. So be careful about the cleanliness of everything. You remember cleanliness is a great part of good health.

Take your baby to a feeding position

Feeding position

Feeding position is an important matter for a newborn baby when they will be fed. If your baby doesn’t remain correct position, he or she will feel uncomfortable to eat. So, they don’t want to eat more. You can keep your baby in a breastfeeding position. You also can keep your baby on your lap.

Warm the milk or water properly

Warm the milk

When you will feed your baby, you must have to consider the warm or cool about milk or water. If your baby likes to eat warm milk. You can give light warm milk to your baby.

You can keep the milk bottle beside the stove or you can make it light hot by an oven. You have to use the best baby bottle for warming any liquid.

Ready the formula

Ready the formula

Breast milk is the best food for a newborn. Unfortunately, if it is impossible to feed breast milk, you can follow infant formula.

Infant formula will help you to feed your baby others food besides breast milk.If your newborn is healthy, he/she doesn’t need water, juice or other food.

Follow the suggestion about bottle feeding from doctor

Suggestion about bottle feeding

You should follow the suggestion of how to feed your baby and how much feed? If your consultant gives any direction for feeding, you must follow those. If you face any trouble with feeding, take advice from a baby doctor. Good caring is good health.

Follow the note of your baby’s intake

Babies intake

Most of the newborns need 8 to 12 time feeding in a day. One time every two hours. You should follow the sucking motion and lip moment of your baby. If they stop to suck the nipple or bottle and close his or her mouth then you will understand your baby needs a break.

You don’t try to feed your baby against his or her mind. As your baby is going older so he or she will take more food as they like.

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