Benefits of baby massage

Benefits of baby massage

Massage is the best way for you to express your love, affection and care for your baby. Massage can ensure a comfortable environment for your baby and can help his/her to sleep well. It will help your baby in many ways including improving blood circulation, improving weight gain, aiding digestion, and easing teething pain.

Benefits of baby massage

Some benefits of baby massage are given below


If you massage any part of the body of your baby, he will feel comfortable and relax able. The muscles will be strong, the breathing will be deeper and the skin will be smooth. It also will make skin stimulation which will provide a vital trigger to the nervous system of your baby.


Massage can play an important role to encourage positive relation and bonding between parent and baby at an early stage. Spending so much time with your baby can help you get to know each other. These bandages will help your baby to find you at the touch of your hand.


If you massage the body of your baby every day, it will help you become more confident in handling your child and better at recognizing her needs. Spending much time on massaging your baby can recognize you very easily. This a bit of a confidence will make you feel more relaxed in those early months.


It is a great opportunity to make your baby healthy physically and mentally by massaging. The benefits of massage are so many like better breathing for your baby, improved lymph and blood circulation and gastrointestinal function.


Massage can make baby calmness. It will make calmness on the nervous system and is excellent for colic and sleep. It can raise levels of the ‘feeling-good’ hormone oxytocin in both you and your baby. It also helps you both feel calmer and relaxed.

Body awareness

Massaging will make a body awareness of your baby. If you message every day, your baby will feel sensational feelings. He can understand any touch on his body. At the same time, when you will massage, you will say the name of the parts of the body. Your baby can learn the name of the parts of his body. Within a short time, your baby can recognize the many parts of his body.

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