Baby care first month after birth

Baby care first month

A newborn baby is welcome to every parent and every family. A newborn baby can add new enjoyment, new hopes, and feelings to the parents. A newborn baby is so sensitive. So he should be taken care of properly after the birth of his first month. A baby’s mental and physical growth depends on its proper nursing. A parent has to be careful about feeding, sleeping, playing, growing and behavior of a baby.

Baby care first month


Feeding is the most important matter for a newborn baby during 1st month. You have to consider for a first-month newborn baby. You can feed him 12 to 13 times in a day. You have to be more careful about the feeding of your baby.

You should feed your baby until he has demanded to suck your nipple. When he leaves it, don’t force him to feed much. You also follow how much he needs.


Sleeping is a must to be healthy for a newborn baby. You should give him many opportunities to sleep and be sensitive to their sleep cues. Most of the babies sleep after feeding.

At this period, they feel tired so you should give him to sleep properly. If you have any little children, they should be controlled not for disturbing your baby. You will stop all kinds of sound when your baby will sleep.


You can see some early smiles on the face of your baby when he is a one-month-old baby. It comes from his relaxation. You always should show the smiling face to your baby. It will make him so smiling. If you show any depression on your face, you will feel uncomfortable and uneasy. He doesn’t want to smile or play with you.

As you show your behavior to your baby, he will show his behavior to you. So always try to show your good behavior to your baby. Remember, there are alternative ways to soothe your baby. As long as you will be gentle and kind, your baby will respond to you. How much will they take to your response is open to many factors?

Development of mind

Your baby can contract with their eyes now. First of all, if your baby can know you, your baby will primarily look for your face and establish eye contact with you for a couple of minutes. As a baby, he will find and search for their parents’ faces, listen to their voices and turn in the direction of the human sound.

From the early experiences, you and other people can help your baby to grow their brain and teach about the world. The mental development of your baby depends on your activities. Like the way you will teach them, they will learn that way. Actually, they are totally vulnerable and dependent on you to fulfill their every need, they are also made to find out stimulus.


Growth is an important matter for a newborn baby. During birth, your baby may not be a perfect weight. But after two or three months it is a very important matter for a healthy baby. Now they should be should be well above their birth weight. Some babies regain their birth weight within the first two or three weeks after birth. Your baby’s an average weight may be at this age is between 150-200grams/week. If your baby does not gain this weight and growth then you have to understand, there is a problem for this and it is important to take necessary steps and speak with a healthcare professional.

Sometimes your baby gains extra fat that will be obvious on your baby’s thighs, their tummy, and their face. Your baby can have more rolls of fat in their neck and in their upper arms. Don’t wary about this it is the best time that your baby can be gaining too much weight at this age. The babies who are breastfeeding normally gain a lot of weight in the first few months of life and formula fed babies tend to gain weight at a steadier, more consistent rate.

Keeping well

Your baby will need first immunization in one month, so you should investigate your options from where you will choose to take this done. Some council gives free immunization services and run clinics on particular days and times. Alternatively, you can go to the hospital where you have to pay something.

You should try to minimize your baby’s contact with anyone who is totally unwell to your baby. It may make sense to reduce any possible exposure to infections and although you cannot insulate your baby entirely. You can use hand wash for controlling infections and minimizing contamination. You must wash your hands after changing your baby’s nappy and before feeding them and dry them well.

Play and entertainment

You should provide your baby with an extra and supervised tummy time each day for their playing. This idea can help your baby to develop their neck and upper body strength. You can play some music besides them for their entertainment. But it must be prohibited when your baby will sleep.

Generally, the house where has a baby, there are already lots of young children seem oblivious to the household noise and learn to adapt. Young children can make fun with your child. This will help your baby to grow properly mentally and physically

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